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12-04-2010, 08:31 AM
Imo, I think the issue with Fed VA PvP is Maneuverability and CC. At lower levels, you have fewer BOFF Abilities so you don't have as many options on the plate, as well as ships of lower tiers have better turn rates, especially cruisers.

Most Feds fly a Cruiser of some type by the time they reach VA. They're basically large hovering bull's-eyes subject to rear focus fire and every CC imaginable. A well organized KDF team will tear through it like butter no matter how much healing it gets.

Now get a few Fed ships to focus fire on a BoP and it'll just pull a 180, Cloak and come back when with the rest of his team and resume the afformentioned slaughter.

I agree that in general Feds don't communicate or coordinate as well as Klinks do but I still think Speed and Maneuverability outshine Shields and Healing, espeically when it comes to Cap N' Hold because a few Klinks can lock down a Fed team indefinitely while a couple ships cap the rest of the map.