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I bought the game on release and levelled a Klingon to max, I quit the game 2 weeks later along with all my m8's.

I returned 5 weeks ago and have since levelled up a Fed Science officer to max level, kitted the ship out with purple weapons and equipment and am pretty much ready to quit the game again.


Well the simple reason is there is nothing at all for me to do. Yes I could spend the next 2 months farming the emblems for the XII gear but tell me why? What is the point? I can't do anything with them?

When I played WOW I farmed good gear for a reason, it was so I could attack the enemy faction. About 6 or 7 of us would gear up and then attack the Alliance, ride into their lands, cause mayhem, have an adventure, see how long we could last, get chased away by 10 or 15 Alliance, it was amazing fun.

Why in Star trek is there no neutral zone? An area of space that I can venture into and feel at risk? An area that would be exciting, an area that is not safe. I always remember watching ST and when the enterprise ventured into the neutral zone it was exciting, how can you leave this out of STO?

I would love a neutral zone where instead of enemy signal contacts, you had a system where if you came close to a ship of the opposite faction you get the option to hail them and warn them to leave the zone or attack them. If you attack you and your team are taken to an instance a bit like the current pvp battlegrounds and have to fight the enemy and his team, how cool would that be? It would add something of an adventure to this very boring end game mmo, it would certainly give me a reason to keep playing and farm for good gear.

I see no reason anyone should object to this feature being added to the game as the pvp players get something to do and the PvE players that detest pvp don't need to enter the zone, they can just continue to play the game as they do already, it's win, win.