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12-04-2010, 09:31 AM
It's quite easy why people don't end up staying in STO.

1) Repetitiveness: Keep doing the same missions day after day, especially with multiple characters, it becomes boring. Exploration missions are really terrible with this.

2) Fast Climb to High-End: For a hardcore player this can be easily done within a few days. They hit high-end, do everything, grind emblems and equip their characters and that's it, nothing else to do.

3) A war without a war. Territoral PvP on multiple fronts would really add to the emersion of actual war and give players a reason to fight.

4) Socializing: Outside of Earth, there is very little communication and very little reason for players to socialize. The return of the STFs might get some people to gain friendships for a little while at least.

These are a few things I view as STO's flaws.