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12-04-2010, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by artika1 View Post
STO is losing players? or you just stating your opinion as fact? ya just your opinion as fact. This game is not powerlevers game. you need to have fun and enjoy it. If you cant do that you are going to be unhappy.
Now come on are you serious, do I actually have to answer this question, even the Devs will put their hand up and say the amount of people play Star Trek On-line is well below what the most popular IP on the planet should be able to pull in. One world wide server and you still struggle to get a team together, have long pvp queues.

You may love the game, Cryptic and all their staff but at least talk realistic, STO has been a total and utter disaster, pick any forum on any site and see what people say about this game, it's 90% bad and thats why I and all my friends left. I want it to be good, thats why I am here, trying to offer suggestions, it's just better if we all talk as realists and stop being so abusive tbh.