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12-04-2010, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Tanagrah
Now come on are you serious, do I actually have to answer this question, even the Devs will put their hand up and say the amount of people play Star Trek On-line is well below what the most popular IP on the planet should be able to pull in. One world wide server and you still struggle to get a team together, have long pvp queues.
First of all, Star Trek is far from the most popular IP on the planet. In fact, before the JJ Abrams movie (to which this game doesn't correspond) darn near everybody was ready to stick a fork in it and declare it done a couple years ago. Even the JJ Abrams was a modest success. It made less money than the poorest performing of the Star Wars prequels. STO is doing as well as it is because of the remaining popularity of an aging franchise.

Secondly, you're primarily discussing PVP. PVP is pretty far removed from the IP. It just is. I can't think of a single episode or movie that corresponds to any of the PVP scenarios that we have in game. That's reality. And that reality is why Star Trek game have, by and large, done pretty poorly in the past. Games are about combat and continuous action, whereas Star Trek, most of the time, is about reasoning one's way through moral quandaries for example.

I'm not arguing, in any way, that PVP shouldn't be in the game or that we shouldn't have an open pvp sector. I want both. But in terms of having a robust and successful PVP game, the Star Trek IP isn't that much of a draw.