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12-04-2010, 11:35 AM
I think a PVP open area for actual territory is a great idea, it provides depth and more of a sense of urgency. I just included this back and forth from the Borg gear section to help make the point.

This is just STUPID!!!

Personally I think this is the WORST thing that STO can do to the game!!!! So now they are going to turn it into WOW, where if you don't have the special drop item from doing the raids as a hardcore player, then you are basically S.O.L. as a PVP'er in any run.

I hate the Borg, I think they are a great enemy to have in the game, but even the discussion about having them as a playable faction makes no sense what so ever in a light RP sense.

What I have loved about STO up to this point is the fact that the casual gamer can compete and mix and match their builds to compete with their play style. Are you seriously sitting around saying to yourselves "We should be more like WOW", NO!!!! WOW was great for a little while when it first started, then went to good, now it is at "Meh", sure it is fun for the guy/gal that had the Korean skill farmer rank up there guys and get the gear for them. But for the REAL average player it is LAME IN PVP because of this stuff.

This equipment is about to STOP all of that and make it Borg centric. If you don't have the "I WIN" equipment in your ship then "You Dont".

I will not be using this equipment personally, and if I see that it has become impossible to even dent an opponent in PVP because he/she has chosen to basically assimmulate then I wll probably stop playing PVP all together and potentially PVE if STO decides to scale missions based on the Borg tech, because they suddenly become TOO easy with that crap on their ships.

This is why most casual players (people with work, real life, etc) stopped playing WOW seriously. They were getting sick of losing to someone who had all the best stuff compared to the theirs, because they didn't have time to do the raid to get the gear. This will make things lame and the flames on the forums will be nasty.

I love being able to keep my ships equiped with Star Trek cannon style weapons (i.e. Disruptors for my Klingons and Phasers for my Feds), I get that some people prefer other types, but designing weapons and equipment that is "better than average" will tip the scales ina bad direction.

That my opinion, whatever! Let the Flame War begin with the Borg sycophants begin.

Survey says!!! EPIC FAIL
While I somewhat understand your point, I think every game, that is not completely based on RNG, will be dominated by players with more time to invest. May it be better gear or just more experience. You cannot compete when you're investing just a small part of the time like others do. And that is the way it should be.

I personally like the new stuff, just because it shows, Cryptic pays attention to itemization at last. This specific stuff isn't a must have (not in pvp at least) and I doubt you will be kicked out of a STF group because you haven't got all parts together.

So it's a tiny step into the right direction, evolving STO into a serious MMO. We can all just hope this is nothing more but the merely beginning of it.

I agree, I LOVE the customization and itemization, and I really do hope that it is just the beginning. But I REALLY hope that this does not become the end all, be all for the game. I want STO to be a serious MMO, I feel that it is, I just want to make sure that it stays true to it's roots when it advertised it was for both serious and casual gamers, which it has been so far.

I have been able to dedicate time seriously, but have also been hamstrung by real life (like all of us) from time to time. I just don't want this to become "No Fun" for some people based on "Having to Have" certain pieces of gear.

That is all I am saying (REALLY), that is what ruined WOW for me and to a lesser extent EVE. Both are games that I enjoyed playing, but once there was a "Gear Race" gap for me and others, it became less fun because you became fair game to the campers. gankers, etc. Now STO admittedly has a built in firewall currently in the form of PVP venues, but with the call for open PVP in all sectors by some, this has the potential to go down that road.

My rant is just my initial reaction to something I saw as potentially ruining all of the improvements they have been making throughout the year. I love the fact that this MMO is not a "gear quest" game and that is what keeps me playing, I know I am not the only one who feels that way, I just wanted to say it. If the gear is added but kept in check somehow, then I don't care what another player adds to their ship. It's theirs and they are paying to play, so enjoy. But when I feel that I am being forced to use or add something that doesn't fit my character, play style, or side, just to play day to day, then I see THAT as a problem. Having it as an option = Great, compelling me to use it to compete = Sucks.

Not flaming you, I am just responding to your valid point.