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12-04-2010, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
Best news I've heard about PvP since S1.2 was announced!

Will it be something along the lines of # of Emblems for Participation AND Wins during those Matches?

Or will Participation and Wins be kept separate, so that even if a player ends up in a Match or two with people that only are trying to get the Participation Emblems, they will be able to continue playing until they receive their Emblems for Winning a certain # of Matches? Thereby rewarding the players that willingly/want to put in the extra time and effort to score the 'bonus' Emblems for wins.

Either way, thank you for the feedback, snix, it is always appreciated when you or your fellow Devs offer input and feedback!

-Big Red
The plan is for participation and wins to be tracked as seperate daily missions.

So the mission list might look like this:
  • "Play 15 PvP battles" that earns a small amount of Emblems.
  • "Win 3 PvP battles" that earns a decent amount of Emblems.
  • "Win 4 PvP battles" (including the original 3 wins from the mission above, so 1 more win) that earns a few Emblems
  • "Win 5 PvP battles" (including the original 4 wins from the mission above, so 1 more win) that earns a final Emblem
So from the example above, a player that enjoys PvP but fails to win any games will earn some Emblems just for being in 15 games. While playing those 15 games or continuing to play after the 15, if they should win 3 battles they'll earn more Emblems, win 4 and earn more, win 5 and earn the most.

The goal being that you'll earn more Emblems for your devoted time if you work together to win, but you'll still earn something even if you can't pull off a victory.