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12-04-2010, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by Ardept View Post
call me an idiot but what does

25% chance: When receiving All Damage, 5% chance of applying Multi-Regenerative Shield Array

mean? do you have a 25% chance to proc a heal or a 5% chance to proc a heal, still with the 3pc set bonus that could amount to a lot of healing for free
It means when you get hit there's a 25% chance of a window opening for the 5% chance of the shield heal.

In general, the shield effect has a 1.25% chance of happening, and the hull heal has a .5% chance of happening.

The shield heal is nothing more than a mid-aux Transfer Shield Strength II, the hull heal looks similar to Miracle Worker, but as a HoT. We don't even know the cooldowns for these effects.

The Engines are slower than average.
The Shields are average.
The Deflector is too specialized.
The Console is pretty good, and even the most casual of casuals can get it.

I still don't see the big deal. A premade will still roflstomp a PuG no matter what, and premades won't have a problem dealing with the cute little effects.