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12-04-2010, 03:45 PM
The Movement ep1

I have now published this mission on tribble.

What to expect:
Space/ground/ship interior/space

Large fleet battle
ground search and rescue
ship interior investigations
a twist to the ending in deep space

Involving the Federation, Gorn and Klingons, what starts as a fleet that is sent to repel a invading fleet soon turns into a mystery that deepens and what does the Admiral hide?

This involves a big plot that will come over in 3 episodes.

Please play and comment so i can fine tune ready for holodeck.
I will be looking for a writer as well to polish my dialogue up.
Ill most likely be making missions now rather than playing and i have alot of plans.
Help make this awsome with feedback and ideas.

Episode two working title:
The Kirk Movement
Episode Three working title:
Prototype: Typhoon