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12-04-2010, 04:54 PM
title: 12th Fleet

members: We have around 370 people on our fleet list in game. I'm not sure about our Alt Fleet or Klingon Fleet rosters.

Fleet type: We are an all around fleet, offering everything from PVE, PVP, Group Play, RP, Crafting and STFs.

goals: To help others and enjoy STO and the Star Trek world! If it isn't fun, we don't want it.

general description:The 12th Fleet is quite simply one of the best fleets in and out of STO. We are also one of the biggest, as our fleet is the most replied and viewed fleet on the STO forums. We are these things because we are honest, good natured people who just want to have fun with this game and universe.

other info: We are big, but we balance that large size with several different divisions based on what style of gameplay a user enjoys. Whether it be Space Combat (Tactical) or Ground Combat (MACO) or crafting (R&D) we have something for everybody. We have hundreds of years of MMO experience, ready to help the veteran or the noob.

Come check out the 12th Fleet at and fill out an application. The process can take as little as an hour and as long as you want.