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12-04-2010, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by TheXtreme View Post
Low level fed pvp is great, high VA level pvp is a painful slaughter nearly every single person i have talked to that has both Fed and Kling VA chars love doing kling va pvp and hate doing fed VA pvp.

Still im sure its balanced and its just that feds don't play right.. yet somehow when they log onto there Kling chars they develop the needed skills. Its amazing
That might be because they try to play their feds like their klings. Pug v Pug, the first thing feds have to do is support that guy being focused on. If they're the target, then they need to play defensively. First thing klings think about is "hey, that other bop fired on that guy. I'll join him!"

I can't count how many pugs I've been in where me and another kling pilot kill an escort without his cruiser teammate tossing him any support.