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12-04-2010, 06:55 PM
Hi all,

Just published a mission called "Final Frontier." It takes place in the Pi Canis SB (particularly in the Kalferi system).

Here's the published description: "You are called on to investigate the fate of yet another lost ship—the SS Everest, owned by a private exploration company called Final Frontier, Ltd. You’ll discover, however, that finding the Everest—and the larger-than-life owner of Final Frontier, George Mallory Beacon—is only the beginning of your adventure."

I'm definitely curious to hear any feedback. It needs to be tweaked on some ways. I was going for a sort of classic Trek vibe. I'm also pretty uncertain about the balance of some of the combat portions.

Finishing a mission has also given me newfound respect for what the Dev's do.

Anyway, enjoy.