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So since this game come out who here has an Idea of what are the hard numbers of the Federation Forces, Romulan Forces, KDF, Breen, Cardassians and the Gorn? Any one care to take a guess?

For me I would say the Federation would have no less then 10k Ships to keep their borders safe since they are so vast. Beside 10K ships is small in number, 10k Ships could also fit one one entire planet, it would be stupid of the Federation to have less then that to protect over 150 fifty worlds at last count.

KDF I would say 5K , small but miltaristic. Romulans- 3k. Gorn 3, Breen I would say about 5k for them. Space is vast those amount of ships would be buyt a small drop in the ocean that is known as the Alpha quadrant.