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12-04-2010, 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by Sciritai View Post
I agree, I LOVE the customization and itemization, and I really do hope that it is just the beginning. But I REALLY hope that this does not become the end all, be all for the game. I want STO to be a serious MMO, I feel that it is, I just want to make sure that it stays true to it's roots when it advertised it was for both serious and casual gamers, which it has been so far.

I have been able to dedicate time seriously, but have also been hamstrung by real life (like all of us) from time to time. I just don't want this to become "No Fun" for some people based on "Having to Have" certain pieces of gear.

That is all I am saying (REALLY), that is what ruined WOW for me and to a lesser extent EVE. Both are games that I enjoyed playing, but once there was a "Gear Race" gap for me and others, it became less fun because you became fair game to the campers. gankers, etc. Now STO admittedly has a built in firewall currently in the form of PVP venues, but with the call for open PVP in all sectors by some, this has the potential to go down that road.

My rant is just my initial reaction to something I saw as potentially ruining all of the improvements they have been making throughout the year. I love the fact that this MMO is not a "gear quest" game and that is what keeps me playing, I know I am not the only one who feels that way, I just wanted to say it. If the gear is added but kept in check somehow, then I don't care what another player adds to their ship. It's theirs and they are paying to play, so enjoy. But when I feel that I am being forced to use or add something that doesn't fit my character, play style, or side, just to play day to day, then I see THAT as a problem. Having it as an option = Great, compelling me to use it to compete = Sucks.

Not flaming you, I am just responding to your valid point.
Sorry but i just plain disagree with your post and that's putting in nicely, else i invoke the wrath of the forum gods

There is already gear grind in this game as you need to do daily's to get emblems to get good gear.
The difference in this game and others is the good gear is only slightly better than standard stuff with only minor % chances to affect things, however in a PVP environment even the slightly % chance can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Anyone playing any game or even any real life activity, the person that does it more and invests more time will always have an advantage (both through experience and gear)

This game you want where a casual that hardly plays can come in and compete with someone that invests a large amount of time in the game just doesn't exist ( it doesn't exist in any real life activity and it don't exist here.) i'm afraid cryptic marking spin has gotten to you. Sure you may be able to compete in PVE ( so easy i can go afk with autofire on and still win) but in PVP there is no way ever a casual player will compete with a regular pvper.

More gear is always a good thing, as it allows more variety and setups. I welcome this extra stuff and hope to see more types and sets in the future. Though i would prefer a weapon rebalance and torpedo rebalance as well as a shield rebalance first.

As others have said this stuff is not even the best gear and not a "must have" and to get the set bonus you would sacrifice a lot. I can't see anything in here that would be useful in PVP except the console.