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12-04-2010, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by alexbond45 View Post
Klinks beat feds, even when outnumbered lol
I wonder about that. More klingons seem to also die when fighting feds. Attrition may be the death of klingons. BoPs tend to blow up or suicide, but they have small crews. On the other hand, larger ships have vast crews in comparison to fed ships, blowing each of them up blows up thousands of klingons.

The federation is probably reaching 200 members by now. Given that a single starfleet only fleet reached about 600 ships (7th fleet), i would guess starfleet has not much more than 10k vessels, including non-combat ones.

Ronald Moore once said though that he would guess the numbers at around 30k. Although he based that off reasoning by starship registry numbers.

Klingons? Should be much fewer, but i would think they have comparable numbers of combat-ready ships as starfleet. Starfleet could have huge numbers, but much of it is probably not combat-oriented. Those may still have armaments, but will probably never be included regularly in combat fleets.