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12-05-2010, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by Vipermist

the entire emblem hunt pointless?

The whole game of STO, is based around reward hunting. Everything from explore marks to PVP badges to mission rewards all offer rewards to get better gear from stores. If you took all this and just offer missions with no rewards other than XP and see how long the game lasts, STO would be dead overnight. Just look at the the people crying about the breen officer and wheres mah TOS phaser reward i want one! QQ! MOAR!

As for emblems being pointless, Wrong. You pretty much need co variant cap x3 + field generator (why i asked for shield rebalance) and +26 weapon consoles, not to mention the entire STO economy and exchange prices are based around the supply and demand of unbound gear which the easiest way to get is to buy from emblems.

I bet your one of those federation players that goes into PVP with any old setup and is the first to die because he's the squishy one, then comes onto forums to cry how klingons are OP

FACT is that the emblem hunt (once you have completed all the missions) is pretty much STO's end game as there is nothing else to do. Apart from PVP and griefing people in drozana and Kerat.
i think your right if you've not got good gear or good weapons and sheilding then you might aswell go into a PvP without your ships sheilds and well then it would be like being a tier one ship with no points speced into it against a maxed out +2 NPC ship or pvp'er who has maxed out 6 klingon chararcters

(note:all the klingons had at the begining were PvP's so you want to know why we are "OP" because we "practice" when u feds are fighting easy little NPC's