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Originally Posted by Lysander_X View Post
The Federation varies in size and strength from episode to episode.
I guess that's true. Trek has always been extremely vague when it comes to details - be it technology, biology or just simple numbers. In terms of STO, the usual MMO formula of a 40k'ish "eternal balance" between the opposing forces would seem to imply, same as with the Alliance and the Horde in WoW.

Sadly, it doesn't help that you blow up Typhoons and Negh'vars in droves. Could have been solved a little more elegant, imo.

Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
I'd say 55k Federation admirals, 15k Klink generals.
Good one.

Originally Posted by ProfessorSTAFF
Did not like the Deep Space Nine "copy and paste" where apparently there are 100,000 ships in Starfleet.
Have to agree there. The battles of DS9 were quite epic and enjoyable, yet stood in a strong contrast to what we used to see in the other shows. Heck, Wolf 359 was 60 ships and they said that Starfleet was almost crippled because they lost them.
DS9 felt like the "more ships -> more explosions -> more viewers" kind of logic. Again, not saying I didn't enjoy it, but ... meh, it did feel very inflated, and unnecessarily so.

Originally Posted by DLRevan View Post
Ronald Moore once said though that he would guess the numbers at around 30k. Although he based that off reasoning by starship registry numbers.
Which would include shuttlecraft and transports.
Registry numbers made a very odd "jump" from TNG to DS9, anyways. No idea what system they use - if they really just add +1 to each ship, or if they differentiate between ship categories, with the first one or two digits stating the ship's function (i.e. patrol frigate, explorer, etc).