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12-05-2010, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by Ilaniol View Post
i think your right if you've not got good gear or good weapons and sheilding then you might aswell go into a PvP without your ships sheilds and well then it would be like being a tier one ship with no points speced into it against a maxed out +2 NPC ship or pvp'er who has maxed out 6 klingon chararcters
what a crock of BS below is a pic of me fighing at BG5 in a t2 ship with the gear that came with it, we had run a couple of matches and before i was using t5 shields and weapons but they laughed and said i should use the t2 ones so i did for this, which was why it was worth a screenshot, well for me at least.

If using t2 weapons made little difference then using t5 or t6 wpns of any colour will not make any real difference. Yes it might save you to have a slightly higher hull or shield once or twice but tbh how you play will save you more often than an extra 1000 shield facing or 6k hull strength. Course the kdf is OP so a t2 bop is equal to a t5 escort.