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12-05-2010, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by HeathenStorm View Post
It's about doing stuff.

Some stuff can be more important than other stuff.

If you want your NPC group to be hard working Dozers, you enable Jobs, and give the Job Weight a high number. And they'll go scurrying between nearby consoles happily tapping away.

If you'd rather they be Fraggles, you disable Jobs, and set the Idle Weight really high. You may optionally give them an idle animation to Dance their cares away.

Say you've got a weight of 15 for Idle and 5 for Jobs. That's a total of 20 with a 75%/25% ratio.

The AI picks a random activity, that is three times more likely to be Idle than Jobs. The chosen activity plays for the set duration time, and then a different activity is chosen. Again, with the same 75%/25% ratio.
Thanks. What is a good map to test this on? I need one with a heavy amount of Cryptic-made interactable objects that the npcs will have jobs to do.

Also, is there a good npc group to use to test?