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Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Can some explain this in plain English? What is this used for?
When a Non Player Character (NPC) is set up by you on a map, there are factors which control the behavior of the NPC.

These factors control time, range, and task of the target.

For example, you want to place a enemy NPC unit on a map. Then you want to determine if the NPC will be stationary or will it move. The NPC uses a mathematical algorithm to move around or wander. When you use the sliders or write a number in the block for the NPC, that factor will control the NPC's behavior.

If you decide you want the NPC to guard a spot or patrol a section of a map, then you need to set it up to wander. Then you set a range factor to determine how far from that spot you want the NPC to move. You use a path to determine the behavior or action of the NPC. The NPC will determine its own behavior when you set its path. A high number will determine that the NPC will follow a longer path. If you move on a longer path, then it will shorten the amount of time the NPC will have between leaving the spot you picked it to guard and moving on its path. If you want the NPC to come back sooner to its spot, pick a low number.

The job essentially tells the NPC to guard its spot. The number you give it determines how responsive the NPC will be if a player wanders into the spot.