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I had a mission where it would have been nice to make my objects move. For an example, a Comet that does not move isn't really a comet.

At the end of some dialog, I wanted the "bad guy" to beam away while leaving you (the mission player) stranded on a planet. But I could not because I could not get the "bad guy" to beam away once the dialog was complete. So he ends up just standing there.

Also, I wanted to do something with the Nexus in my mission, unfortunately, this was not happening. I ended up having to change my complete story line to accommodate the Foundry's limitation. Foundry needs much for familiar Anomalies added to the arts, it would help a ton at letting us be creative. Only problem I have with Foundry at the moment is objects being stationary and the lack of anomalous objects.

Just my two cents for feedback, in case the Devs are ever looking for a way to improve the system.