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# 1 Save not working...
12-05-2010, 07:37 AM
Well after a VERY frustrating morning I need to ask if anyone else is having this issue?

I published a very rudimentary mission yesterday and spent this morning making changes.

I hit save after almost every single change to make sure I didnt lose anything.

I got a disconnect and when I went to go back to work EVERYTHING was gone and it was back to my original publish. I thought MAYBE i didn't hit save (thought I know I did) and get back to work.

I DOUBLE check to make sure that I am saving after each change this time. I've added many new mobs and a new ground map as well with tons of objectives. I am making sure to save after EVERY change. DC happens again and I know I am ok since I KNOW I saved.

Everything is back to the original publish!

I hope this gets fixed quick as this is a KILLER! I spent basically 2 hours working and all for naught.

Anyone else in this boat?