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12-05-2010, 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by Alecto View Post
Thank you, that does help to a certain degree, but it appears to me that you are only able to set one single door in sector space, and all other transitions are via custom maps you have created or pre-made maps you have selected.

Also, it seems that only the very first contact you set can use the sector space door, so I can't set a contact to take the player to a custom map, then have them leave to go to sector space.

Lastly, once you have a 'Spawn at' point selected, you can not change it.
I tested this and, in testing, it does seem to treat the mission as over once you complete everything on your first custom map, even if you have follow-up material on social maps.

IMHO, they either need to stop you from adding material on social maps after custom maps or fix the testing process to allow you to keep going.

I know that some of my planned missions DO require going back and forth at present but I suspect if this is not allowed, it relates to the rewards system for Foundry missions, which I believe is based on a timer that measures how long you spend on the custom maps, with a twenty minute minimum to qualify for rewards.

(If memory serves, there's a 20 minute minimum. From there, rewards are calculated based on average user completion time with a maximum on the rewards also in place. This is why the Foundry is not really very exploitable, because it rewards time spent. In turn, missions that don't require combat for the objective award diplomatic XP; there can be enemies present but I think the diplomacy requirement is based around whether you're required to kill them and maybe whether any shots are fired.)