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12-05-2010, 10:18 AM
to do the green highlight text,you can click and hold the left mouse button to highlight what you want to turn green, then an option pops up that says "highlight" click on that, and it adds the formatting to turn it green, or you can put [MissionInfo] in front and [/MissionInfo] after to highlight that section, other ideas if you didn't see them here are

[NickName] : Prints the character's nickname.
[LastName] : Prints the formal last name of the character.
[FirstName] : Prints the formal first name of the character.
[Rank] : Prints the player's current Starfleet or Klingon Rank. (Vice Admiral)
[ShipName] : Prints the informal name of the player's ship. (Enterprise)
[ShipFullName] : Prints the formal name of the player's ship. (U.S.S. Enterprise)
[ShipRegistry] : Prints the full registry number of the player's ship (N.C.C. 1701)
[ShipType] : Prints the type of the player's ship. (Galaxy Class Cruiser)

don't know the answers to your other 2 questions, sorry