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12-05-2010, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Are you by chance using Risa, DS9, Starbase 39, etc as the away portions for this?
I was using DS9, but then I recreated the mission from scratch and used a planet I created, which was not Risa.

Originally Posted by mygod_itsfullofstars
I've noticed this a lot when you preview maps or play test a mission. Whether you're alone or with a team seems completely random.

As far as I know, it doesn't reflect what will happen when you publish the mission, so it's not a sign of a problem with the map or mission itself.
Actually, I can't play the missions, because it gives me an internal server error. All my testing has been done with my normal characters after publishing.

Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
You must set a waypoint for where you want to beam down. Just set one about 25% larger than the planet on top of the planet. Then after the waypoint in your story line, just make the next thing you do be on the planet's surface. It should pop up a map change box. You can then set your text of "Ready to beam down?" etc.
I'm setting a reach point bigger than the planet, and the next thing I do is on the planet. I'm getting the transfer box, and it's properly set to leave from the reach point and go to the spawn point on the ground map, but I'm not getting the away team box; it's just bringing up the dialog I created, then when I hit the button, I beam down alone.

As I said, I haven't been able to test from the editor since the first mission I did. Every time after that, I get "internal server error" although I can hear the testing happening in the background.