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# 1 My list of bugs for Foundry
12-05-2010, 11:35 AM
These are mainly from playing through Foundry missions, as I haven't had much time to create yet:
  • Ground missions aren't giving me the option of bringing my away team. Most times I beam down either by myself, or maybe 1 or 2 of my officers. Requesting Reinforcements will fill out the team with redshirts.
  • For some odd reason, many of the ground missions end up causing my CRM200 to stop working completely.
  • My teammates cannot enter ground missions with me, though when we are in a group together, and are doing the mission side by side, if they reach a progression point, it will drag me along with them(still ending up in our own instances).
  • This has probably already been reported, but the search function is broken. I have to actually find missions listed on the forums and type in the full name to search. Typing "a" doesn't give me everything that starts with a, and clicking "highly rated" doesn't give me a list of highly rated content. On top of this, after I complete a single Foundry mission, if I wish to search again, I must relog, or else the search function will not work.
  • On some interior missions, I have the displeasure of dealing with walls that don't register for NPC's. I place my engineering bunker fab setup around a corner, and before I can get it halfway done, the Hirogen in another hallway are shooting through the walls to destroy it. Then, I lose my engineering officer who apparently ran into a hole in a wall and can't get back out.

I will amend this as I play through more.