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12-05-2010, 01:49 PM
A) I really wish I had time to make content, because honestly I would love to. However my video game time is precious so when I do get some I want to log in and captain a starship, not fight with a horribly frustrating un-fun and ultimately boring ground combat system.

B) That would be PERFECT.

and an implied C) Of course! Write what you like. And in all honesty, if there's a 5 star (or however they will be rated) mission out there that includes ground aspects, I will in all likelihood end up playing it for the writing because I am a huge Star Trek fan. But ya, know that I will be cursing your name for making me endure the painful exercise that is ground combat.

And Dstahl, if you're reading... ever play Vindictus? Now THAT'S how you build a FUN mmo ground combat engine.