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12-05-2010, 05:17 PM
I have several published missions so far, and one in development.

Published Missions,

Battle of Defera,
You have been recalled to Earth Space Dock to talk to Captain David Ford about a military buildup in the Defera system. You are ordered to head there immidiately to attempt to contain the situation.

Additional Notes: I will be updating this mission in the future to include traveling to the system in sector space (I made this mission before I knew how to add sector space travel), and I will add automatic waypointing, so it is quicker to find enemy targets and contacts.

After the Battle of Defera you are called back to Earth Space Dock for a new mission by Captain Ford. The fallout from the Battle is horrible. And it seems that the Deferi are reluctant to accept help from Starfleet or the Klingons. However, Captain Ford has not called you back to Earth for this purpose. He thinks that he has located the Klingon responsible for starting the battle. You are to board his ship, but it seems that the crew are... ill.

Additional Notes: This is the second part of the Story Line from the original mission. Also, I will add the ability to travel to the required planets in a future update (Again, before I knew how to use sector space as a door way.), and Automatic Waypoints have already been added to this mission.

Task Force Alpha,
You receive a distress call from the Vulcan Shipyards over Vulcan. They seem to be under attack by... Starfleet ships? How can this be? It is up to you and your crew to find out!

Additional Notes: This mission is fully spiffed up, with all of the latest and the greatest. No ajusting required, and no bugs found. Please leave a comment addressing what the bugs are if you find any!

In Development,

This is the sequal to Infection. I currently will not be disclosing any information about the plot, however after playing through "Infection", you might understand the title. I hope to have this mission launched in a few days. I will post when it is.