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12-05-2010, 07:03 PM
I give up.

After trying for 12 hours now to make one mission. I give up. I keep having to remake the same bit over and over and over again.

I save regularly, but then the dreaded "Disconnected from Server" message appears at random and all my stuff is lost.

It didn't save anything I did at all. And when I try to load up the mission again it tells me there's an autosave available - but that is an even earlier version than what I get when I click to discard the autosave!

Everytime it disconnects, it ignores any saves I made and goes back to the version I started yesterday when Foundry was semi-working OK. Which is basically an empty map with no dialogue.

Every time I start the launcher too, there's a strange patch every time I log in - a small one that does a few KB for about 2 secs and then lets me Engage.