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12-05-2010, 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by Alecto View Post
Also, I was going to use The Great Hall, but you can't actually use The Great Hall that is active, full of NPC's and players. You instead have to create a duplicate of the map, which means once the player has transferred to the duplicate map of The Great Hall, the place is empty. To make my mission authentic, I would have to attempt to duplicate each and every single NPC.
I have the same problem with the Risa social map. Its totaly empty (and even not the whole map). You have to add NPC's, but you cant add the Risa natives, because they are not an option in the NPC menue. And you cant make a costume for them, because the typical Risa beach wear and the head tattoo is missing. I hope they will address these issues. Otherwise its very hard to make plausible Risa missions.

In addition to that, i have another problem with the Risa social map: I cant place things into the cave. Y (hight) seems not to work. With a 3D view of the maps in the editor, this problem would maybe resolved.

And if i can make a story over more then one system (like travelling from Risa to somewhere else) is yet to be seen. But from what i read here so far, maybe its not possible at this moment.