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Two well planned teams, but even with the KDF Carriers and battle cloaks and uni slots on the BoPs and the better maneuverability of their Battle Cruisers, and so long as the Feds know what they're doing the KDF has little chance of success.

On the other hand, that same fed team vs two Battle Cruisers and three BoPs is in trouble. Statistically, both factions are even matches, it's the skill levels of the players and team make-ups which determine who wins or loses.

And Klingons have far more practice working together and making the best of a poor team make-up then the Feds do.
I'm not proposing a drastic change to the pets to satisfy the criers of "its OP".
I honestly think that the pet summoning and controls that were used in City or Villians for the master mind would work well here for carriers.
Make the fighters unspam-ible but give them the abilty to be summoned at a key stroke. This way you get your "X" amount of fighter pets upon activation and retain them through heal support or can resummon them to battle if thier numbers get too low. Boost the fighter in hull/shields or speed related defense to offset the non-spam them and make thier numbers thier biggest asset.
Also I believe that fighters should have more choices that come in different configurations and types such as Bomber, Strike fighter, anti-torpedo, etc.
Keep your BoPs the same as the fighters with no changes to thier summoned numbers as they should be just about balanced out, with maybe a slight decrease to the damage range of thier torps. Keep them on the same rules as the fighter as for as resummoning.
Increase the Carriers Pet usage by giving them more combat choice to launch from thier launch bays such as ECM/ECCM ships, Breaching pods, and other non-fighter related carrier support vechiles.
All these pets should be launchable from the carrier with a key stroke but the numbers of pet types said carrier should be controlled by level range from Captain to Max so as it should not be possible to launch every type of pet without sacrifice.
Give each pet (type) finer control aspects so the player can assigne a single pet, two or a group to targets and can individually each pets demeanor by single or group aspects. So some pets, say the fighters, can be set to a hostile attack demeanor that makes them rush to chase and kill prey, The BoPs can be given a semi support role of helping the carrier if its attacked or attacking prey that gets too close to it, etc.
The particulars of how the system could work are beyond my ability to ldescribe completely but the concpet is sound and works very well in other games (CoV) to balance out Pet classes against the other class types.

I in no way support any nerfs or changes to the carrier as a vessel itself but do feel the pet mechanics for it could use a change.

For those who will cry out about the targeting issue that so many pets and the other player summoned NPC's in combat, I say fix the targeting issue so those who use TAB to target can set preferences to ignore pets and the like and have it focus soley on Player piloted vessels. Certain considerations for "confuse" abilities would have to be made of course. I personally think people are expecting too much form a "target player only" command setting as it will lead to a forced ignoring of pets and the like in combat and the complaints will linger.