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12-06-2010, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
It's probably no use but I'll say it anyways: There was a big PvP match between two of the most successful KDF PvP fleets, one of which showed up with an all-carrier group. Which lost. Badly. To a bunch of cruisers and BoPs.

As StormShade mentioned, the devs are convinced the carrier is balanced, and not without reason. Adapt your tactics, play as a team, and stop trying to tackle a carrier like any other ship.

I find it unsurprising that an all-carrier team lost to an opposing Cruiser/BoP team, as the Carrier's greatest weakness is an opponent that can cloak. Without the ability to target a foe, the Carrier cannot launch fighters, thus, the Cruiser/BoP team simply coordinates a massive alpha strike on a single Carrier, de-cloaks, the Carriers spam their first wave of deployables, the targeted Carrier gets hammered (most likely into oblivion), then the Cruiser/BoP team disengages, re-cloaks, waits for the deployables to de-spawn (if necessary, kiting them away from the Carriers and destroying them), then lathers, rinses, and repeats.

Carriers, on an individual basis, are not, fundamentally, overpowered; they have some quirks that introduce some potentially frustrating elements to PvP gameplay, but many of the misconceptions surrounding the Carriers comes from a lack of understanding of both how Carriers operate and how to counter those operations.

Just like any other type of ship, as you add more of the same type of ship to a Match, the more effective they become. Ever fought against a 5-Cruiser team, filled with 'competent' Cruiser Captains, each of which knows how to both Tank and Cross-Heal? How about fighting an all-Science Vessel team (personally, I think it's the scariest type of PvP team out there)? Ever fought a full, pre-made team of BoP's? In all of those cases, each additional ship of a similar class can multiply the effectiveness of all the other ships of that same class...

Is the Carrier's Force Multiplier more significant than other classes (e.g. does each additional Carrier make all the other Carriers more effective, by a greater margin than, for example, adding a Cruiser makes all other Cruisers more effective)? Possibly, though I would contend that it is quite comparable to the Force Multiplier of (in particular) Science Vessels and BoP's, perhaps moreso than Cruisers or Escorts, but not necessarily overpowered.

Are there improvements that could be made to reduce the major complaints about Carriers? Probably, with the most likely solution being to reduce the number of pets, buff them to a comparable level of power, and grant the Carrier Captain a greater degree of control over the pets; which would serve to alleviate some of the problems with lag, without compromising the Carrier"s role or ability to fulfill that role.

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