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12-06-2010, 03:11 AM
Definitely some weird save related issues going on.

I've got mine saved, had it published, then played on live server for a bit. After doing my dailies there, return to Tribble, ran my mission to see how it worked on live.

Then went back Wil'yum, my mission creator guy, and loaded up my project to work on it some more. It gave me that auto-save is newer bit as well, and, as I'd saved it right before publishing it, I told it no, didn't want to load that version.

What it did load was missing 3 steps at the end of mission. It wasn't back in time, as other changes I'd made were there, just the last 3 steps missing. Loading the auto-save though had that information.

Bad thing when you cannot trust saving.

Edit: making some further changes, saving, reloading, it cuts off things at the same point. Wondering if I've exceeded some limit that it doesn't in any way warn me about.

In either case, until this issue is fixed, cannot do further work on project, since I have no clue when auto-saving happens and I cannot trust manual saves.