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12-06-2010, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by Starmutt View Post
Was anyone else really annoyed to read in "Ask Cryptic" that the up coming contest "Design the Enterprise F" will probably only be open to the U.S.?
Not really, as I understand the limittations of international bussiness law and do not let such trivial things bother me. Its rather childish to act so considering that Cryptic must obey the restrictions of world commerce law and may not have the resources to throw a worldwide contest.
Thanks for setting the precendent though for my future excuse of ranting why its unfair the US players can't involved in something. I would have posted a complaint about how the US players couldn't get the England to be in the world record attempt by Cryptic from a few months back without spoending money and time to travel, but I didn't wantr to come off as childish.