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12-06-2010, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
the targeted Carrier gets hammered (most likely into oblivion), then the Cruiser/BoP team disengages, re-cloaks, waits for the deployables to de-spawn (if necessary, kiting them away from the Carriers and destroying them), then lathers, rinses, and repeats.
Klingon cruisers cannot recloak whilst still in combat, but even if they do, carrier pets will keep following them. Which would mean they would have to take out the pets first before they could rinse/repeat. Which is something that can be accomplished by Feds as well.

The fact that carriers need a target to deploy pets is something that gets thrown around as a hint for Feds time and time again. If Starfleet players fail to engage a carrier battlegroup waiting within 15km range and allow the carrier/s to amass a swarm of pets, that's quite simply their fault. And cloak or no cloak, Starfleet can disengage behind that 15km line as well. Triggering quite a nasty cooldown for the fighters.

I've seen enough carriers getting blown to bits to know that they're not invincible - though I want to stress this point once more: You do not need to blow up a carrier to negate its presence on the battlefield. Without its pets, a carrier is merely a nuisance when compared to other ships. And taking out a carrier's pets requires but one escort with proper skills.