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For the mission I've been working on, there's 2 factions fighting. Both are Klingons. This, of course, leads me into the entire skin job issue. Now, assuming that gets fixed at some time, so that I can use actual Klingons, I'm curious about something...

When I place a frigate group, it contains frigates, but if enough players are grouped, it can include cruisers. Since both my enemy groups are klingons, I'd like to use names to distinguish them. And that's where I run into this issue.

In my case, I have Qap'utlhets and Mantaghus. So I could set the name on each ship in a group to be something like Qap'utlhet Bird of Prey. The problem there is that, if enough people join, that Bird of Prey might actually be a cruiser. Or I could name it something like Qap'utlhet Warship. But then cruisers and frigates have the same name, also not ideal.

So I'm curious if some wildcard exists like rank or LastName, but for ship type, so I can name my ships Qap'utlhet ShipType and have it replace ShipType with the appropriate ship type.

Anyone know?