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12-06-2010, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by Morglon
I'm kind of torn about voting. STO is a decent game, the devs seem to care a lot and development is coming among nicely but every time I read the forums I feel really unclean and can't even force myself to login for a day or two.
And there lies the problem. The community somehow makes me feel really uncomfortable and the game is only decent while it could be great so voting and thus recommending the game... It's just not quite there yet.
Well, I dont what to tell you other than, just consider the game in totality vs the other titles listed in the category of the award. One cant expect anymore to be frank.

Please dont misunderstand me, I'm not asking for people to "stack the vote" but to take a couple minutes and give it a fair measure of consideration in the context of the categories for which it is a nominee.