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Retrofit Phasers. Man, I love the look and sound of these bad boys. Not to mention they scale with your level. So, only thing we are missing is Retrofit Dual Beam Phaser Arrays. Would honestly complete the set and I am sure I am not the only one that has requested/thought about this.


Refit K't'inga. One of my all time favorite Klingon Ships. One I do not ever want to be forced out of and would like to see it go to Max Tier. How can we make this work? First, at higher Tiers it will still be a Cruiser. So let's double or even triple it's size, but keep the same body style, This way it will make sense as to why the Turn rate is suddenly so low, perhaps match that of a Star Cruiser. Give it some interesting perk, add whatever slots the Devs feel it will need to make it on Par with it's counterparts and adjust Hull Strength to match that of a Tanker type ship. Presto.


Can we maybe change the fact that Science Team cancels out Engineering Team? This makes zero sense. So when my Engineering Team are hard at work repairing the Hull, my Science Team has to sit on their butts watching them work? What is this, the local Water Company?