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12-06-2010, 05:46 PM
In ground combat, anything with +knockback or +repel is nice against the borg (even though they are highly resistant to both). The borg's greatest threat on the ground is melee since they are designed to get up close and personal and overwhelm you. Sci officer crowd control abilities also come in handy here (+hold and +root).

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In space, I think antiproton weapons have a damage multiplier when attacking Borg ships, but I don't recall offhand.
AP has a higher crit severity, so when you do land a critical hit it will do greater damage (may still be bugged as the testing I've done in game doesn't show higher crits on average). You can also obtain very rare weapons of all types that have a 7.5% chance to proc 1000 damage vs. Borg in the Gamma Orionis fleet staging area.