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12-06-2010, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by RedPhoenix32 View Post
Look, Ive been with this game since it was in its conceiving stages with Perpetual. This is about the stupidest conversation I have ever seen. That, and no one knows what flaming really is. Youre talking about taking something that's unique and making it so everyone can have it (with $). At that rate, nothing would be unique or one of a kind. There would be no player that has something that may have no purpose but still is something cool so they can say "this was so worth it.". I remember I was ****ed when they released the TNG series costume out on c-store cause I wore it all the time. Its what let me stick out and they took that individuality away. The RMC is the final bit of that that makes me feel unique if thats gone, and its your fault, get your escape pod ready. I'll hunt your ship down and make your ships debris my christmas tree tinsel. You'll need to use klingon hireoglyphics because the amount of new ships you'll need is more than the number of letters in the human and vulcan alphabet. Need I remimd you Im co-fleet admiral of over 100 people. If one of us is bothered, we all are. So do us a favor, and drop the subject.

That is a flame. Any questions?

Also, lifers get liberated borg and a cool badge. The borg is cool enough as it is.
You are flat-out insane Some e-items in a video game would drive you to make a post like this..?