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State of the Foundry

The team is very excited about the response to the Foundry going into Open Beta. Already we have seen some great missions come in over the weekend and it shows a bright future ahead where the community has a direct impact on the stories being told throughout the galaxy. We are already passing around our favorite fan made missions internally, and I can say that we're impressed! We knew you could make awesome missions and considering the tools will improve over time, this is only going to get more awesome.

In the coming weeks we will be working diligently behind the scenes to address stability and scalability. The Foundry will be offline at times as we make large infrastructure updates to prepare Tribble and Holodeck for full scale production of the missions you'll be creating.

As we continue with this initial testing phase of the product, what follows is a basic Roadmap for where the Foundry is today, and what features and updates you can expect in the near future.

Foundry Launch – Beta Feature Goals
The following list of features are supported in the current Open Beta (v.03) release of The Foundry.

Play missions authored by the community
  • Search for missions in the new Remote Contact Tab by author or mission name
  • Browse mission ratings and descriptions
  • Rate the missions you've just played
  • Sign up to be a Reviewer and give early feedback on new missions
  • Share links to new missions via a short key code

Manage your Foundry Projects
  • All users can create new Foundry projects
  • Create test characters for testing missions in the isolated Foundry environment
  • Select whether the mission is for the Federation or KDF
  • Share the project with other players by publishing it
  • Monitor the publishing progress

New drag and drop flowchart-based mission editor
  • Customize the NPC that gives you the mission
  • Create and arrange mission objectives via drag and drop
  • Create objectives to interact with one or more objects on a map
  • Create objectives to defeat one or more enemy groups on a map
  • Create objectives to reach a location on a map
  • Create objectives to talk to one or more NPCs on a map
  • Create objectives that can take place on open-world social maps or custom maps
  • Combine objectives into a “Complete All” group of simultaneous mission objectives
  • Customize how transition between maps takes place, including prompts and text
  • Add custom pop-up prompts before or after objectives and map transitions

Creating your own Custom Maps in the Editor
  • Create your own maps based on existing pre-built space, ground, and interior maps
  • Create a completely custom space mission map
  • Edit these maps using an easy to work with two dimensional map view
  • Customize the location where players spawn into the map
  • Choose from a set of map backdrops (sky, sound, and lighting)
  • Place detail objects from a large library of different types of objects
  • Populate space maps with planets, rings, comets, and debris fields
  • Populate ground maps with buildings
  • Place contacts using pre-built costumes or custom costumes you make yourself
  • Place friendly or enemy encounters in your maps
  • Customize the positions and costumes for each actor in your encounters
  • Place “go to” markers that can be used to complete objectives
  • Place respawn points for players to help with mission flow and player defeat
  • Customize some behavior options for friendly and enemy groups

Mission previewing and personal testing
  • A method to preview your content while in the editor for testing while creating a project
  • Preview a mission from the beginning or from a specified objective
  • Preview an existing map to determine if it is one you might want to use
  • Kill enemies with one button press to speed up testing
  • Enter “God Mode” to make your test character temporarily invincible

Custom costume creator
  • Create ship or ground character costumes based on existing costume pieces
  • Edit and save costumes for use as contacts, enemy actors, or friendly actors

The Foundry for Star Trek Online is not complete. There are additional updates coming to fill out the feature set. Dates and feature sets for these updates are being determined, but the expectation is to provide regular updates in upcoming STO releases in 2011.