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# 2 Upcoming Goals
12-06-2010, 06:41 PM
Upcoming Foundry Feature Goals
The following features are high on the priority list for upcoming updates (most likely Q1 2011)

Improved features for playing Foundry missions
  • The ability to flag missions as “favorites” so players can bookmark them for later play
  • Improved searching options to allow for more specific flags and filters

Project Management improvements
  • Setting prerequisite and follow-up missions that can be linked together into a story arc
  • Set the level, powers, and gear for test characters to improve testing

Map editor improvements
  • Better visualize placed objects in the editor using 2-D preview images
  • Fully customize backdrops, assembled from various sky effects layers, atmospheric effects, sound effects and music
  • Enable snap-to-grid to more easily place objects
  • Place waypoints for patrol routes for actors to follow
  • Place “job” nodes for actors to interact with, such as consoles

Mission Triggers (new)
  • Triggers are a way to make the game play react to the player’s actions
  • Show pop-up dialogs in response to a trigger
  • Spawn encounters in response to a trigger
  • Play music or sound effects in response to a trigger
  • Set a trigger on entering a volume
  • Set a trigger on killing an encounter
  • Set a trigger on interacting with an object
  • Set a trigger on talking with a contact

Branching dialogue (new)
  • Add multiple buttons to a prompt and chain prompts based on button chosen
  • Show/hide buttons based on mission state
  • Alter button behavior based on mission state

Costume creator improvements
  • Add in body scaling features found in the in game costume editor

Timeline editor (new)
  • Change encounter behavior based on objectives in progress and triggers
  • Change contact dialog text in based on objectives in progress and triggers

Plus general improvements to usability and more choices throughout the environment