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Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Longer Term Foundry Goals

Map Editor – Future Goals
  • Create fully customized interior layouts from room and hallway pieces
  • Place lights directly on a map
  • Use a random name generator for contacts and actors
  • Placing “anomaly” crafting nodes into maps
  • Custom behaviors for encounters (custom AI)
  • Placement of auto-generated civilian populations
  • The ability to create custom planetary surface (exterior) maps
  • 3-D visualization while editing to improve placement of details
  • “Make a random map” option to speed up map creation

Mission Editor – Future Goals
  • Give the player quest items used by the mission
  • The ability to create content that takes place on the player’s own “bridge” interior
  • Custom cut scenes as part of the mission

Other Uses of Foundry Content
  • Using Foundry to create custom starship bridge and ship interiors
  • Using Foundry to create custom starbase interiors
  • Using Foundry to create PvP maps
  • Using Foundry to create Fleet Action maps
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