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Originally Posted by Fatherfungus View Post
however, if you want to tell a story, as the main part of a mission.......the captain has to speak.
if you read a novel....who has the majority of the spoken lines ? The main character.
The big difference though between this and a novel is that in a novel, the main character belongs to the author, while in an RPG, he belongs to the player.

Story tell a story ... the outcome is set..the player will rarely need to respawn,
combat has a reason, it is not for combat sake.
This is the case is in pretty much any non-randomly generated mission in STO. A story gets told. The outcome is set. Combat is there for a reason (typically mobs guarding the area). Yeah, most have quite a bit of combat, but that's because combat has a good ratio of playtime versus developer time. Yet they do it without taking control of the player's character.

And for some of these missions, a primary thing players would like to see? The option to say or do a few different things. For their captain to do what their captain would do, in other words. Many would like to punch Drake, for example, because that's what their captain would do. Or, as another example, I dislike having to be all federation to get info from the Breen captive. It just felt wrong for my KDF captain to have to behave in that manner to complete the mission.

A good gamemaster will typically plan for a couple of different ways to get the info. The story will still get from A to B, but the players are given some illusion of choice, and their actions will determine how they get there and, since it is the route they choose, it'll increase their enjoyment of it. It'll increase replay value, as players will be interested in how it'll differ for their super nice captain as opposed to their tough guy one.

It is, however, more work, since you are doing more work for a certain amount of playtime. Not to mention trying to put yourself into different mindsets.

So in short
We need captian pop up conversations.......for storytellers
other types prob could live without it.
You only need it for a subset of storytellers. Fan fic writers, basically. The GM type will avoid infringing on the characters.

But, on the bright side, for what you want, it might be possible with the cutscene stuff, whenever that eventually gets in. Why write fanfic when you can make a fanfilm instead?

If they do make such pure story, little player involvement stories possible, I do hope that authors clearly label their missions as such, to indicate that it is them telling a story, not a mission for the player to play.