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12-07-2010, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
I thought we had this with the custom costume?
i havent looked at that part im not sure. if i wanted to.. could i create a 20 foot tall, 8 legged beast, with 5 eyes, a long scorpion like tail, tentacles at the mouth, and large menacing claws? i have a mission that requires a creature of that type of very alien design. ( seriously, thats the design i am looking for. no joke)

i need that "holy crap we dont belong here" kind of reaction. i may actually need a pack of 3 or 4 of them. part of the mission will have that Jurassic park-run-from-the-trex kind of feeling to it. so if the custom costume can do that, then i am set

i mean just like you can do with characters (people) i want a separate version for animals and other non-sentient life,

parts like bug features, arachnid, lobsters, mammals, etc

you can mix and match to an extent. determining if it is land, air, water, space, subterranean would determine the limitations. after-all, we probably dont want giant ducks with fish tails running around with monkey feet.

--so maybe i want a crab-like armor body, with a spider abdomen, 4 legs placed at the joint (or the slider could allow me to move 2 legs to the front of the beast and 2 in back of the beast). maybe i want tentacles out the belly and fly like eyes at the front rim of the shell. the top of the creature i color black, and the underside is yellow-white. maybe i want him to be 1 foot tall, or maybe i want him towering over me--

what can it do? sting? bite? grab? throw? pinch? fire projectiles? generate electricity? poison?

is it corporeal or non-corporeal?

that kind of stuff

i just think it could be a cool way to add easy variety to alien life, for missions or ambient life forms. parts can be added as time goes on, allowing for more and more

so basically i am looking for the non-humanoid aspect of trek