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12-07-2010, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by Husnock01 View Post
It would be nice (and fitting, since the badge is currently free), but I wouldn't bet on it.

And from the looks of the calendar, it seems like we're getting the Troi Jumpsuit on the day of the big S3 release (no assigned date but STILL first on the calendar), so there goes my theory.
Yeap, I realize it's a long shot but I'm out of ideas as to why the costume is being held when it's obviously as ready as the Troi and ST:I uniforms and far more popular and desired. Some have speculated that it might be because it's the "special surprise" for the tribble weekend which again would be GREAT but again, that's just speculation. I've sent a PM to StormShade and pointed out to him an 18 page thread full of people waiting for this costume so hopefully we'll get some info, IF he has time.