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1.0 Introduction

Manipulating the bindfile is quick, simple and only requires a basic text editor; i.e., notepad. Insert the desired binds with the proper syntax, save and load. You'll find it's fun and snap! The job's a game.

And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree!
It's very clear to me

That a...

(Sorry, damn showtunes creep into everything. Where were we? Ah, yes...)

Follow these steps and you can easily manipulate your file for adding or removing any bind action allowable. It is my intention to provide instructions and explanation so even the least computer savvy can use this technique to up their game; so, I ask that you please excuse any perceived condescension.

Lastly, do not worry this is safe; I do it regularly. There are a few things to remember:

1. The system always works.

2. If you do something wrong it won't break the game.

3. If you get flummoxed and need to get back to basics, use "Reset to Default" in your Key Binds Option tab, Exit, Delete the bindfile and Restart the game.

4. Black box theory. BS in = BS out

5. Keybinds are not a hack. Keybinds are not cheating. They are an integral part of the game provided by Cryptic. (Thank you, Cryptic.)

6. Keybinds work in reverse. First bind listed is the last activated; Last is First.

1.1 What is a keybind?

A keybind is a keyboard shortcut or "hotkey". It is a set of one or more predefined actions assigned to a keyboard key which, when pressed, invoke an operation or a series of operations triggered by the user.

1.2 Why Do We Keybind?

The big reason that got me started was that in the midst of combat I would inadvertently open a Gameplay Window thus obscuring the combat at hand. In the heat of battle, I frantically mashed buttons in a vain attempt to quickly to close the window. This merely served to exacerbate the problem and completely cover the field of view with multiple windows. When the windows were finally clear, the only remaining window was "DEFEATED" with the 'respawn" button awaiting my attention.

The most relevant reason, is to increase our speed, effectiveness and efficiency during combat. Keybinds increase the speed with which you can react to the dynamic environment of combat. They increase your efficiency in battle by reducing the time it takes to issue a command. They increase your effectiveness by simplifying the ability to direct those commands when and where they are most needed.

You will much faster at parsing out any give power with keybinds. You can easily target a teammate and drop a Science Team to clear that Jam Sensors by hitting one key. The alternative is having to find your teammate, select that teammate, search for the appropriate power, and then activate that power.

Keybinds are your friends; they make life easier.

1.3 Definitions

Just to make sure everyone understands MY meanings ...

1.3.1 Key = any button present on a keyboard. This includes: 1) alphabetic characters, 2) the number pad and 3) the function keys.

1.3.2 Press = the action of restraining (pushing and holding) a key in the down position.

1.3.3 Release = the action of releasing a restrained key.

1.3.4 Tap = the action of pushing and subsequently releasing a key.