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12-07-2010, 05:57 AM
5.0 Activation limitaions

Keybinds aren't the be all end all of Star Trek Online; there are some limitations to using them:

5.1 Multiple powers = Multiple presses

Many times you will be required to press the <key> multiple times to activate each power bound to that <key>. So, if you have ten (10) powers bound to one key, you will likely have to press that key 10x to get each one to activate.

Now, you're gonna groan, “But isn't that what the binds are for? Why can't we activate all these power with the press of a button?” The answer to that is what I call the “I win button” or, conversely, the “I'm indestructible button” (aka, hammer meet anvil). Cryptic has graciously incorporated (Thank you, again.) the multiple press requirement to prevent anyone from creating just such a monster (or two).

5.2 Cooldowns slooooow ya down.

When the powers being activated share cooldowns such as with the Emergency Power to X powers. Say you have Emergency Power to Shields 1 & 2. If, In the above example, EPtS1 is in A8 and EPtS2 is in C4 pressing the 4-key the first time will activate the first EPtS. Pressing it again immediately afterward will not result in the second EPtS being activated. Since there is a 30s shared cooldown any keypress within those 30s is ignored. Once the cooldown is clear the second (or more) power can be activated.

Everything has an "Activation Time" attached to it. Some are instant with 0s. Others are delayed by .5s. This WILL affect your bind activation sequence.

5.3 Relax it's only a game.

You MUST allow time for the power to activate before pressing the <key> again. If you don't, it is possible that a power will be skipped over and won't be activated until it is next in line. What does this mean? Well, all you button mashers out there pounding on your keyboard like your fingers are auditioning for River Dance need to s l o o o o w d o o o o w n.

5.4 Ordering

The last command in the string will be the first command activated.

You can string together as many commands as you like. But, Keybinds activate in the reverse order in which they are entered. So, the last command listed activates first and the first last.