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12-07-2010, 04:59 AM

Keybinding is simple and easy, once you know how. Using keybinds will up your game and make you more responsive to the demands of combat. They help you assist your teammates quickly in time of need. AND, when others use them, they help your teammates keep you alive.

Hopefully, I haven't completely confused everyone and now you have at least an insight as to how to bind commands to keys and how it all goes together. If you are confounded I will do my best to clear things up just keep the questions coming; I'm here to help.

7.1 test, Test, TEST

One last thing about multiple commands, timing is everything in this game. Be sure to test it first to see that everything is happening when you want it to happen. You don't want to use your beam overload before your target subsystems shields ... kind of a waste.

7.2 Disclaimer

Finally, I'm not a Vulcan. This is not a perfect work; there may be (probably are) errors or omissions. This is also my first attempt at providing a guide for others to learn from. What may seem logical to me may not to you. If you find something wrong, please let me know and if you know the answer, definitely let me know. I know there is more I can learn. When something new is found or corrected, I will make the change and notate it for everyone to see.

Oh, one last tidbit ...


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