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12-07-2010, 05:40 AM
Originally Posted by itsmiami View Post

Use a friendly group and change the individual costumes to Remans. They'll play nice then.
A big drawback is that the ships will still fight like the "original" group, so either the Terran's won't use Phasersor the Remans won't use Disruptors and Plasma Torpedoes. (I think it's really that strong of a difference, I don't think the Terran Empire plays well with anyone, and Remans and Feds are hostile to each other.)

That's why I would prefer if it was possible to set allegience either this way:
- Default
- Always Hostile to Player Faction
- Always Neutral to all Factions
- Always Friendly to Player Faction

Maybe even better would be if we could specificy mission specific factions and could assign enemy groups these factions.

The current system (and even the one I proposed above) is severely limited.

An approach from another direction would be that one could set the "fighting style" seperately from the faction. So you could pick the Klingon faction for determining all allegiences, but set the weapon set to Breen and the costumes to an assortment of generic ships, to basically have a group of a "new" faction that fights similar to Breen but is hostile to Federation ships and allied to Klingons.